Sunday, 1 September 2013

Jaded Eyes - Gods and Monsters LP

Jaded Eyes – Gods and Monsters

Sometimes you hear a band and are immediately gripped – the music is exactly what you had been waiting for, sometimes without even knowing it. The first time I saw Jaded Eyes, at the always enjoyable Fox and Newt pub in Leeds, was one of those moments. As much as I am thoroughly enjoying the recent penchant for melding 80s style hardcore with UK82 anthemic choruses, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a band break away from the mould and temper their full throttle, rabid approach with a sense of melody and a lean towards intricate structures which separates them from the pack. Their debut record Gods and Monsters captures this in a spot on manner, nine tracks of Dischord style melodic hardcore punk rock which channels the bands influences and melds them with the northern hardcore which is clearly in their blood. In case you were wondering, all the best UK hardcore comes out of the north of the country, and as Jaded Eyes are made up of veterans of the scene, the chances of this not being good were very slim. Still, it has outdone my already high expectations and is now on heavy repetition on hill bombing journeys around Leeds with just me, a skateboard and some tunes blasting. I was going to give some highlights like I usually would, but to be honest the whole thing is fucking sick…if you like punk and hardcore music, get hold of a copy and I promise the stoke will be high!

Jono Coote

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