Monday, 10 December 2012

A Bloody Merry Christmas

If I've learnt anything over many years of gig going in London, it's that you'll pay too much for shitty beer, you'll get a mohawk/spiked jacket/something similarly "punk" thrown into your face, and you'll generally feel quite destroyed afterwards. Last night's gig at Camden Underworld ticked all these boxes, but with one of the best line ups I've seen at any gig this year, I just didn't care.

Doors opened at 3pm, which was horrendously early. We got down around 5, just in time to see Faintest Idea. There was a pretty decent crowd size for them, especially considering how early it was. I think they played for about half an hour and mostly covered tracks from their latest album, The Voice of Treason. They were excellent as always and got everyone moving (including a circle pit round the perilous pillar in the middle of the dancefloor of the Underworld). An amazing band who get better every time I see them. 

Next up was Mike TV, who were, frankly, awful. It was like watching a really bad Green Day at a Warped Tour (not one of the good ones). I think I watched about half a song then retreated into the bar. Although, their only saving grace was a guitarist who looked like "a pigeon on crack". Is that a good thing? I don't know.

By this point I'd already resented paying over £4 for a pint, and discovered that we could buy cans over the road and take them into the venue with no-one checking, so that was good. Mike TV managed to clear everyone out of the main room, which is a shame because a lot of people stayed away and missed Claypigeon who are definitely on my new favourite band list. Playing a mix of ska, hiphop(?) and, erm, D&B they are really worth a watch if you get the chance; you won't be disappointed. 

Afterwards, Tyrannosaurus Alan played their last ever London show. It's a shame that I didn't get into this band earlier and I was so gutted when they said they were splitting up. The crowd went completely insane for them and it seemed like a fitting way to end their existence on such a high. Hopefully they'll be back at some point and do a Capdown. I can only hope.

After what was the most crazy crowd reaction of the day, I must admit I was a little scared to see Random Hand. I've said before that I never get bored of seeing this band play live and last night was no different. They got everyone singing and dancing, and I only got kicked in the face once, which I thought was quite good really. I thought I'd get kicked in the face more. It's always good to hear northern tones onstage in London. 

After Random Hand the weekend's excesses were starting to take their toll and I was having difficulty standing upright. Anti Vigilante played a blistering set, reminiscent of Capdown. Personally though, I think they should have played a little earlier in the day and the final slots should have been taken By Tyrannosaurus Alan and Random Hand, but maybe that's just me. Jaya the Cat closed everything and were great as always and ensured that everyone left with a massive grin on their faces. 

All in all, a beast of a Sunday, a bruised face, and a head that feels like its been put in a vice and sweet brass ringing in my ears. 5/5

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