Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sick on the Bus - If It Ain't Broke...Break It!

What I have in my grubby little hands is the new album from the UK’s loudest, fastest and hardest punk band! Sick on the Bus are not some cut and paste punk band with their synchronised jumps, shit as fuck harmonies and perfectly sculpted ‘hair dos’ , Sick on the Bus have been going for some twenty odd years and know a thing or two about creating a hard as fuck, raw record which is pumped full of blood, guts and venom!
     ‘ If It Ain’t Broke… Break It!’ Is an awesome 13 track journey where the songs barely scrape through 2 minutes long, covering all a growing boy need; Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll! You can clearly hear the influences of Motorhead and GBH scratching through but in a vein few bands have managed to make their own with Sick On The Bus standing head and shoulders above the rest.
      The album has 3 re-recorded tracks from the ‘Tormentum Insomniae’ split EP -  ‘Slut’, ‘Whores Not Wars’ and ‘Some Kinda Idiot’ which are 3 break neck speed punk gems with some savage solos. ‘It Won’t Suck Itself’ is another song aimed at sexual exploits which is a common theme in SOTB albums. ‘Won’t Stop’ is pretty much an anthem for all British people and their love of getting utterly fucked up and being general menaces to society! Anyway, I can’t be arsed to go through every song but I can guarantee that once you’ve listened to this album you’ll be injecting speed into your eyeballs and fucking anything with a pulse… in fact the pulse isn’t mandatory!!!
Buy this record! 5/5

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