Friday, 6 April 2012

Autonomads/Black Star Dub Collective - From Rusholme With Dub

Unless you've been living under a large Manchester shaped rock of late, you will have heard of at least one of these excellent bands on the long-awaited (well, in my case anyway) split from Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective. And let me tell you, the excellently titled 'From Rusholme With Dub' does not disappoint in the slightest.

The split kicks off with 5 tracks from Autonomads, the opening track 'Best of Both' gives a taste of savage riffs combined with ska-dub that fans of the band will recognise instantly, with a splash of saxophone too. Each track by the band gives as good as the one before it did, and it seems as the album goes on the band get angrier with the general state of things (and rightly so, might I add). My personal favourite track is probably 'Fight Dem Back', but the whole thing is so fucking good it changes each time I listen to it. You just need to buy, steal, download or get a copy of this.

Black Star Dub Collective are, erm...a collective of various folk from Manchester-based bands, including the former singer of the much missed Harijan. Their tracks on the split are longer, but don't let that put you off...their tracks are too filled with politically charged dub with a slightly more reggae vibe to it. Their excellent track 'Leviathan' also features on the crackin new comp from TNS Records (grab a copy of that too while you're at it). I still can't pick a favourite track from their 5 on the split, I think I'm probably going to get my arse into gear and get to the north to see them play a show, although hopefully with enough coverage they'll be able to play south too!

Well done Pumpkin Records and TNS Records, another amazing release! (I was so excited about getting this I accidentally ordered 2 copies...)


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