Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dry Heaves - Loose Tongues EP

This new year’s ever, a few of us were celebrating in the time honoured fashion of lurking at spit and sawdust pub in Sheffield while three of Yorkshire’s finest hardcore acts kicked off the new year in style. As this was the release show for the Dry Heaves’ new EP, Loose Tongues, the stroke of midnight saw 2012 start not with a girl, but with a fresh slab of vinyl in my grubby paws; and I have to say, the first proper release from this Sheffield powerhouse does not disappoint! Puke yellow vinyl is always a treat, and the Pogger Jord drawn sleeve is definitely in keeping with the bands aesthetic – no fucking around, you know what yer buying in to from the start. Heavy-as-a-feedee, slightly dirgey hardcore punk that got my head nodding like a stoner at a Sabbath show, this is definitely a front runner for record of the year. The first side consists of three songs. The title track makes no concessions to breaking you in gently, sounding like vintage Circle Jerks on Tramadol, before ‘Play it Safe’ brings a slight Devoto-era Buzzcocks influence to the table – which makes sense, as I’m pretty sure I remember hearing a Buzzcocks’ cover at a couple of early shows? ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ blends hardcore with stoner riffs to put a fucking heavy full stop to the A-side.  The B-side only features two songs; ‘Tontine’, the high point of the record for me, with a heavy Angry Samoans influence which is no bad things; and ‘Paranoia’, with a similar sound but the addition of a shoutalong chorus that brings to mind the Restarts. This EP is a short, sharp wake-up call to anyone sleeping on the bustling hardcore scene in Yorkshire at the moment, can’t recommend this more highly!

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